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"Crime-fiction-veteran Russell blurs subgenre boundaries here, with comedy, psychological suspense, and police procedural blissfully cohabitating" – Booklist

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About Alan Russell

When Alan Russell writes his novels, he always plays the “what if” game: What if you were the son of a serial murderer and it suddenly appears to the world as if you are repeating your father’s sordid history? What if you are the holder of a grim secret with international consequences, but telling that secret implicates you in the death of an innocent? What if you are a homicide detective trying to solve a murder case in which the only witness is a young woman who offers up clues in the forms of her exotic multiple personalities?

Like his readers, Alan is eager to know what is going to happen to his characters, and says, “If I am passionate about what I am writing, then that passion will be infectious to my readers.”

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