Political Suicide (Revised 2019)

“Russell’s considerable success … gives us a work credible and deeply touching.  Russell has us in the palm of his hand.” 

–  Chicago Tribune

“San Diego’s Alan Russell is widely recognized as one of today’s top crime writers, and his latest novel reaffirms his right to that rating.  Ingeniously imagined and skillfully told, it must be included in any list of this year’s best thrillers.”

 – San Diego Union-Tribune

“Alan Russell’s political thriller POLITICAL SUICIDE takes off at light speed and doesn’t slow down until the unbelievably exciting climax.”

 – Midwest Book Review

Politics is a blood sport, said Nye Bevan.  In White House Counsel Vince Foster’s suicide note he concluded, “Here ruining people is considered sport.”  It is Presidential primary season and people are dying.  In this election, even the candidates are prime suspects.